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Kal Pure Stevia - 100 Packets

Kal Pure Stevia - 100 Packets

Kal Pure Stevia 100 Packets

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Kal Pure Stevia Plus Luo Han (Monk Fruit) Description
  • Plus Monk Fruit
  • All Natural
  • Zero Calories
  • Low Glycemic
  • Great Taste
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Convenient single-serving packets
  • Should not affect blood sugar levels in most individuals
  • Luo Han contains mogroside, an active ingredient which is 300x sweeter than cane sugar and low in calories.

What Is Stevia?

Stevia extract is derived from the leaves of a small shrub of the chrysanthemum family called stevia. It grow wild in Paraguay and Brazil and is cultivated in Japan and China. Stevia extract contains steviosides, a substance that makes it unique among over 300 species of stevia plants. The extract is calorie-free and should not affect blood glucose levels in most individuals. Unlike the whole  herb, the extract does not have a  pronounced aftertaste.


Monk Fruit also known as Luo Han, comes from the plant Momordica grosvenori. It contains an active called mogroside that is intensely sweet, Monk Fruit is 300 times sweeter than common table sugar or sucrose. It is low calorie and low glycemic, and should not affect blood sugar levels in most individuals.

Directions:  Use only as directed. Use 1 packet as desired with a beverage or meal.
Kal Stevia Supplement Facts

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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